Progressive Plumbers

Progressive Plumbers, a leading plumbing and maintenance
company based in East London established in 2009

About us

Progressive Plumbers, is a leading plumbing and maintenance company based in East London established in 2009, is able to offer a diverse range of services to our clients. Through hard coupled with a combination of exceptional teams, experience trainee plumbers, and a clear vision for the future. 

Progressive Plumbers is able to provide clients with top-quality affordable plumbing services every time. Our staff complement has grown from a modest 4 man crew to a 25 man crew with a fleet of 8 vehicles on the road, which allows us to offer 24 hour service to our clients.

Our Services

  • Sewer lines installations
  • Blocked sewer line repair
  • Blocked storm water lines
  • New and replacement geyser installations
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Leak detection and repairs (pipes, toilets and other san ware)
  • Fire hose reels installations and maintenance
  • Building and maintenance
  • New gutters
  • General building maintenance
  • Solar installation, maintenance, repair and upgrades
  • Boiler installation, maintenance, repair and upgrades

What we have to offer


We understand that properly functioning plumbing systems are a crucial element of commercial and retail businesses and we pride ourselves in trying to get to the call out within the hour. Having a fleet of 8 vehicles equips us with the necessary resources to draw from to be able to properly service the needs of these clients. This also enables us to assist with same day turn-around for burst geysers and replacement installations.


Whether your business specialises in automotive, petroleum, mass production and manufacturing, our highly experienced team will make every effort to ensure that your premises are always maintained and compliant. We ensure our contractors are knowledgeable in Health and Safety practices and do our best to ensure that all sites are safe before proceeding with any work.


 Whether it’s leaky pipes, a backed up sewer line, or something wrong with your sinks, Progressive Plumbers can take care of those issues for you. We have two dedicated teams for new residential plumbing construction. We have been contracted at housing projects, involving 48 new homes, where we attended to the complete new installation, including the use of the world class leading Geberit piping system.


Our maintenance teams are very active in the East London area. We cover all aspects of maintenance from a leaking garden tap to a blocked drain. We also cover burst geysers and are fully aware of the urgency to get the clients hot water systems operational the same day.

Bathroom Renovations

We pride ourselves in offering a full turnkey solution, from plumbing, ceilings, new windows, specialised shower glazing, electrical, tiling to joinery work. With our clients only appointing 1 service provider for the full renovation, we are able to project manage on the clients behalf, which allows for peace of mind and a smoother process

Raint water harvesting

We offer various complete water harvesting solutions for our clients, from installations of tanks from 1 000L to 10 000L tanks. We offer various options which include just a basic tank and a tap, or we set up various tanks connected in series, then connected to an in-line pressure pump and through various valves, are able to run entire households and businesses off rain water tanks.

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