About Solarwise

Solarwise was established in 2010 when there was a growing trend towards Solar Geysers and with the benefit of large Eskom Rebates, it made Solar Geysers and solar power a viable option for Progressive Group to invest in. Solarwise has spent the last 6 years securing it’s position in the market as one of the top and leading installaters for solar geysers and retro fit systems (coupling of an existing geyser with a solar flat plate collector) with multiple Commercial, Residential installations and applications. The products and systems installed are the best suited for our local conditions. We operate in the residential and commercial markets.

What we offer

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Direct (open loop) and indirect (closed loop) systems
  • Active systems
  • Retro – fits
  • Passive systems
  • Replacement and upgrades

Commercial & Industrial Services

Our commercial and industrial services include distribution boards, lighting, standby generators, shopfront lighting, plugs and standby energy solutions. Three-phase or single phase.

• New Installations
• Fault Detection
• Lights, Plugs & Fans
• Renewable Solutions
• Inverters & Solar Pumps
• Solar Solutions
• Panel Factor Correction
• Soft Starters
• VSD’s
• Generator Installations
• Panel Building & Design

Renewal Energy Solutions

Our renewables energy division has accredited technicians that install and commission renewable energy products such as wind turbines, solar panels and inverters.We have what is needed to solve all your loadshedding problems and to keep your business or home running when Eskom disappoints.

• New Installations
• Grid-Tie Inverters
• Hybrid Inverters
• Off-Grid Inverters
• Solar Powered Geysers
• Wind Turbines
• Deep Cycle Batteries


We prefer to do on site inspection, mainly to assess the client’s hot water requirements and to view the orientation of the roof structure.We are able to offer our clients various installation options namely in roof (where the geyser is placed in the roof, if space allows) or a standard on roof installation.

Based on our assessment on site, we recommend the best systemsuited to the clients needs


We have undertaken large scale projects, working closely with engineers on the design and implementation of Hot Water System.

We have installed 3 x 1000 Boilers coupled to 70 Solar and circulation pumps at the University of Fart Hare in Alice. We have recently completed 41minstallations at a new housing development in Beacon Bay and are currently installing 51 units at a new housing development in Nahoon Valley Park East London.

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